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Kristin & Brian lead the Second Line

Wedding Day...

How does someone who takes pictures of just about everything not think to photograph a giant metal shrimp (~4 ft) hanging in an antique shop that she decides will be a wedding gift, then go brain dead again, and not shoot said shrimp before the BIG wrapping effort? D’oh. You’ll just have to take my word for it ... Kristin & Brian will not receive two of these.

So the big day had arrived ... and Galveston celebrated by reaching a record high 96° for the date. We got to the church a bit early to get an aisle seat. Then watched the wedding party members arrive. Erin, Kelsey & Joe all looked great in the official wedding color, turquoise. As guests arrived, it was funny to see how many people had dressed in that color just by chance ... a very color-coordinated crowd.

The first big moment was John walking his daughter down the aisle. He later said it was one of the coolest things he’d ever done. It was a very nice ceremony and the deed was done! Kristin and Brian looked so happy and applause rang out. My little niece is now a married woman. Where did the time go? See Wedding Day.

We stuck around to watch (and be in) the official group photos, which were done inside the church. There was no way outdoor pictures could be taken in the middle of the afternoon, unless Kristin wanted the wilting, dripping, drenched look for her wedding album … guess not.

Wedding DayThe reception was well underway by the time we got back to the hotel. Lots of good food, good music and good people. Kristin & Brian did a special dance they’d been practicing for weeks and looked great. Then Kristin and her dad danced to “My Girl”, a sweet moment which I diligently videotaped, only to find that I didn’t push the “record” button. D’oh again. I hope the professional guy got it.

It was great to see Mark and Tommy again, neighborhood friends from our Plantation, Florida years. Kurt and Tommy were inseparable in those days — he was at our house so often he was like one of the family. Long live Mom’s chocolate milkshakes!

The DJ played a variety of music that made everyone happy, including a great Big Band number for Mom. So there was a lot of dancin’ fun. Kristin was overdoing it and needed to take a break — it must have been hot in that wedding gown!

Centerpieces (not to scale). The tall one had a fish in it.
Love the limes.

The candy wall. (Krisanne photo)

The décor was beautiful thanks to Lori’s work on centerpieces (hopefully the fish in the tall vases lived to work another wedding); and the “candy wall”. It was a peg board covered with small metal buckets. Underneath were containers of all kinds of candy. So you took a bucket (with a Kristin & Brian commemorative label on it) and filled it with what you wanted. John joked that the wall had more miles on it than his car as it was transported around family homes in Houston to get it finished.

The grand finale and what I’d been especially looking forward to was “Second Line,” a New Orleans tradition. Kristin led the line with her parasol and people went crazy dancing around the room waving their handkerchiefs. (Here’s the way it went at Kristin’s graduation.) Thanks, Lori for keeping that going — love it!

The bride & groom were sent off in style (for the photo op) and the party was officially over, though folks hung out by the pool for a long time afterward.

John & Lori anchor the escape route.

Last Morning

We took another walk along the Gulf the next morning and found Tommy out fishing. I knew it was him from a distance because I recognized those strong, skinny legs — the same ones he had as a kid. See Seawall Blvd.

Seawall blvdIt was hot & humid even at 7:00 in the morning, but it’s the best time to be out and about. We met Krisanne for breakfast and then got ready to head out. As we were packing cars up, John alerted me to a stray cat in the parking lot. Oh boy. He was the cutest tabby, very young. I brought out my "emergency" can of cat food and fed the little guy. Krisanne & I tried to talk John into taking him home, and I know he considered it, but ...

The family was going in all directions. Kurt, Tina and the kids would start the long drive home, this time via Washington, DC. Mom & Krisanne had a flight back to Florida and Uncle Don was driving back. Many of Lori’s family went back to Houston to Kristin & Brian’s house for a gift-opening party. The fun never stops ...

We still had a lot to do ... we were on our way to New Orleans.

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