As you probably know, photos are everywhere on this website, so for the latest please check out What's New on the home page, or Travels or Birds or At Home ... you get the idea. But since I (and the world) moved to digital, I haven't taken any film panoramics for quite awhile. So I've left my original section below:

Panoramic photos capture more of what the eye actually sees, but also create some interesting effects that it doesn't. I took these photos with Widelux and Noblex short-rotation cameras. Click on any image for a larger view.

For more panoramics, see ...
Roma & Sicilia
Kauai & the Big Island
Maine & Maritimes
Canadian Rockies & Prairie

Nova Scotia
Quebéc: Québec, Gaspésie, Pérce 1, Percé 2,    Pérce 3
Hawaii: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui.
Pacific NW: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon,
Washington Coast, Olympic Peninsula,
   Olympic Peninsula2, Washington.

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